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About Startingup PA

Advocacy & Communications for Startups and Scale-ups

Startingup PA specialises in empowering startups and scale-ups to thrive in European markets and beyond. With a focus on government relations and communications, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to address political challenges across the EMEA region.

Startingup PA, PR for PA, European Policy Communications

What We Do

Drawing from our extensive experience in supporting startups, scale-ups, and large companies globally, we offer expertise on both short and long-term projects. Our commitment to diversity is important to us and we proudly deliver Public Affairs solutions in English, French, and Spanish.

Our journey together begins with data-driven European market entry strategies, backed by meticulous market research and analysis, giving your startup a competitive edge. Our government relations and advocacy solutions ensure your interests are represented effectively to policymakers and regulatory bodies. We design powerful policy positioning and advocacy strategies, keeping you informed with real-time policy monitoring and analysis.

Boost your brand's growth with our dynamic public affairs and strategic communication expertise, enhancing your reputation and visibility among European audiences. Count on us for robust crisis management and communication plans to protect your startup's reputation.

Forge meaningful connections with our stakeholder engagement and networking services, identifying key stakeholders and industry leaders to facilitate partnerships that drive success in the European market.


Explore valuable EU funding opportunities and navigate government procurement seamlessly with our European funding and procurement support, guiding you through the intricacies of the EU funding landscape.

Ensuring smooth operations and compliance with international policy regulations is our priority, as we navigate complex policies and regulations for seamless international trade within Europe.

Partner with Startingup PA to unlock Europe's potential for your business. Our tailored services empower startups to navigate the complexities of European expansion with confidence, gaining a strategic advantage and accelerating growth through expert guidance.

Discover how our proven expertise can elevate your company's journey towards European success. Contact us today for a consultation and take the first step towards a strong and impactful presence in European markets.

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